Council of Neighborhoods
Meeting Minutes
Jan 27, 2014
Attendance: Andrea Tucker, Roger Hoot, Michael Trujillo, Greg Campbell, Steve
Bugge, Ben Blacker, Tom Norcott, Elly Smith, Sheri Lungstrom, Holly Gibson,
GeorgaDee MacLeod, Art Olson, Jim Prissel, Dean Smith, Victor Harris, Laurel Hasley,
Jo Brodersen, George Lockeman, Dennis Dudder
Excused: Colleen Kain, Liz Hawkins, Sandy Macham, Teresa Schultz
Staff: Allan Giffen, Dave Koenig, Mary Schoenfeldt, Bill Baumann, Matt Coomes,
Wendy McClure, Deborah Wright
Guests: Shelley Weyer, Friends of the Library
Mary Waggoner, Joyce Stewart, Jeff Moore - Everett School District
Katie Breen, Alex Sawyer – NW SEED
Dennis Hacker - 3231 Creatives at 3231 Broadway
Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 4:15pm. Agenda and minutes of the
previous meeting were approved.
Citizen Comments:
1) Shelley Weyer announced a Friends of the Library event coming up. She showed
posters that are available for posting. Stranger Than Fiction is event title, which is
a fundraiser on Sat March 1 at 7pm. Guests come in costume, prizes are awarded,
refreshments will be served. It is a Taste of Everett type of event.
2) Dennis Hacker, Evergreen resident, introduced himself and reported he is the
community development manager at 3231 Creatives at 3231 Broadway, and
wants to interact more with neighborhoods. He will also plan to attend Port
Gardner neighborhood meetings.
Mayor Stephanson: Mayor mentioned that on Friday, Jan 31, there’s a special event in
support of Everett Fire and Police at a special Silver Tips game.
Coming up on Feb 7 & 8, Parks Dept is hosting a Dad and Daughter dance event. Also a
fundraiser for the Animal Shelter called Shakaroo will be coming up in mid February.
Adoptable pets will be on stage and there will be music.
Boeing 777X update – Mayor passed along his appreciation to machinists and
acknowledged them and their families for their vote on the Boeing contract. Defined
pensions are much less common now; that type of pension has dropped from 30% to 3 %
of workers having defined pensions. Without the 777X work in Everett, and potential
wing assembly, it would have devastated our city. The positive vote by machinists will
set stage for aerospace work for decades to come. Wing fabrication is not decided; a
decision is anticipated in mid-February. Everett is competing hard for this work.
Mayor described a significant group effort by city staff that is underway to address the
Structural deficit the City has – the process is being headed by Paul Kaftanski, Parks
Although Everett weathered the economic downturn better than most, this is 6
year of
recessionary revenue, with costs up 3% annually and revenues coming in at 1.3%
increase. We have tried everything to defer maintenance and control costs. The staff
group is looking carefully at services we provide, asking are there things we should stop
doing, change, lots of discussion at staff level. Paul Kaftanski will give briefing at City
Council this week. In 30-60 days, the staff group will prepare recommendations to City
Council. Mayor anticipates that both revenue increases and efficiencies will be in the mix
of options in the report.

Revenue reduction stemmed from closure of Kimberly Clark. After legislative initiative
action, Washington cities can’t raise property tax more than 1%. City is looking at fees
and other changes to be more in step with what other cities’ charge for permits and fees.
By 2018, we would have a $20 million deficit if we do nothing. Staff ideas and
recommendations are being narrowed down by category - by June when we start annual
budget process for 2015, we will have clearer picture going forward.
Riverfront redevelopment is moving along. Polygon has been before Planning
Commission, which shared concerns. Polygon made modifications and will be coming
back to Planning Commission. Planning Commission meetings will be televised in the
future and will be held in Council chambers. Broadway bridge construction will go to
advertising in late February, with construction to start in late spring. Detour around
bridge will be necessary for part of the year. Mostly federal funding is being used to
replace the bridge - City must spend it or lose it.
Question asked about post office building being for sale.
Mayor responded that the building is larger than needed. Potential to rebuild building, but
likely will still be space for post office. New buyer could come in, build new building,
post office leases what they need, other tenants could locate there.
Question asked about potential for redevelopment of housing authority area land in NE
Mayor responded that this was previously proposed several years ago but Planning staff
have not seen any recent proposals.
Inquiry about Boeing wing construction - if off site, how would it be transported through
Mayor responded it could be brought in from Port to Port, and delivered to Boeing. This
method is not very pragmatic given the logistics. Mayor thinks the best options are
construction here in Everett or on west side of landing strip at Paine Field. Everett is well
positioned to do the wing work. Decision is anticipated by mid-Feb from Boeing.
Michael Trujillo thanked Mayor for his leadership and spoke about difficulty of making
tough decision about machinists’ contract.
Dean Smith raised a concern about oil trains passing through Everett and asked if city is
aware of the plans. Dean reported there are three more refineries to the north which are
building rail off-loading areas. He asked if city is concerned about this new oil type
being transported through our city.
Mayor responded that city staff are discussing the issues. The railroad has capacity to
grow without any additional approval requirements from city. Mayor reported that staff
are looking to see if City has any influence on the process or the routes and are asking
City Council Liaison Scott Bader: He reported that Council President Moore proposed
to eliminate day meetings, to move to holding all City Council meetings at night, which
will make it more accessible to residents. Councilmember Bader is making visits to
neighborhoods to know more what is going on.
Greg asked about a neighborhood bringing forward a particular resolution or stance on an
issue, where could they bring it? Councilmember Bader responded that council members
would pay attention to what a neighborhood’s concerns might be if brought to Council.
He also suggested working with Office of Neighborhoods staff about how to proceed
with any resolution.

School District Update:
Dr. Cohn could not attend as he was returning from Olympia. Jeff Moore, staff with
Everett School District, presented an update from Everett Public Schools about Feb 11
propositions on the ballot.
The District is moving toward a more high tech focus for education. School student
population growth is increasing, with needs for elementary school and another high
school. Growth is occurring in south end primarily.
Fiscal stewardship is important, Everett School District is very sound. Comprehensive
annual financial report meets a very high level of accuracy- 12
largest district in state.
Voters have strongly supported bond measures in past.
School district uses an eight year planning cycle for building maintenance.
Educational Programs – this funding goes into schools for classrooms. The Capital levy
provides for technology improvements.
In regard to Admin building – to build this facility the District borrowed no money, there
were no interest costs. School district planned for past 20 years to develop a new
building, funded with state construction assistance. When property values rise again,
school district can recover some of the funds through property sales.
Dr. Joyce Stewart – She reported she has several years of experience in schools and is
now working in an administration role. She is speaking with teachers about strategies to
improve schools. Several schools are receiving improvement awards. Focus is on schools
with a high number of students living in poverty. Lots of volunteers are serving in
schools, providing additional time and support to students.
On time graduation is a big goal. Mid-80 percent of students are graduating on time. She
leads an “On time graduation team” which meets weekly to review specific student
needs, with goal to have 100% of students to graduate -- to support kids, review kids
needs, to help kids graduate. Math scores still show need for support. One goal is to
expand amount of college level credits available to students to earn before they graduate.
This reduces college costs later one. Dr. Stewart also made invitation to all to participate
in supporting students to read in schools.
Two items are on the ballot.
Educational programs and Operations Levy – 1 out of every 4 dollars comes from levy,
so its passage is critical to success for school district.
Proposition#2 – Capital Improvement and School Construction Bond measure
Both are designed to create stable flow of income for school function. The District is
focusing on early learning, the need for classroom space for elementary schools for all
day kindergarten students and more space for new high school
Assessed rate: $5.95, $6.55 per $1,000
Arts and special programs are enhanced by community volunteers and participation.
New high school might be on 180
property which might be able to have an elem.
school and high school. Or Gateway may be redeveloped to be a high school. Teacher
salaries in Everett are highest in State.
Question about trade skills development, auto shop, tech skills center. These continue to
be offered and help students interested in a range of post-high school training in trade
related options.
City & Community Reports:
Planning Dept. – Allan Giffen – He reported that initial assessment of results of the
Comp Plan Questionnaire survey results is underway. Planning staff are available to
speak at neighborhood meetings. City received 250 responses. Of the respondents, 82%
lived in city, 60% worked in Everett. 60% from north of 41
St with 10% from south of

Boeing freeway. Need more south end outreach to have more input. Respondents liked
Seattle for visiting, but don’t want Everett to be built like Seattle.
Survey asked where new housing units should be placed. 73% downtown, 67% station
area, 50% commercial corridors. Single family neighborhoods 40% duplexes, mother in
laws acceptable for infill.
Over 50% prioritized sidewalks and bike lanes over car transportation. Getting light rail
to Everett ranked higher than in-city transportation improvements. City dollar allocation
out of a total budget of $100 - $22 crime prevention, $11 economic development, Capital
facilities out of a total budget of $100 - $12, parks, $9 streets.
Additional questions were asked in essay form. Survey responses included a lot of
concern about homelessness, access to waterfront, downtown improvements and high
density housing. Plan to post responses on web. Plan to be adopted by June 2015.
Victor asked about transit-oriented business development and Planning Dept opinion on
location for light rail. Allan said I-5 alignment doesn’t do a lot for Everett, or serve key
employment center.
Katie Breen, Alex Sawyer – NW SEED – Presented information on a renewable energy
project in partnership with PUD to implement group purchase of ductless heat pumps in
south Everett – south of Madison, out to city limits and out to Boeing.
Ductless heat pumps are efficient - $1200 incentive through PUD, additional savings
from NW SEED. They are seeking help from neighborhoods to launch campaigns for
outreach to volunteer. Two goals – they want to come speak to neighborhood meetings,
and need help to spread word about opportunity and to recruit volunteers to help launch
project – select contractor in competitive process. And need community engagement
volunteers to help identify best way to speak to local groups and schools.
April to June or July for outreach. Materials left on table.
Everett Transit Update – Matt Coomes – Everett Transit is launching a system called
Everett Transit Arrivals (ETA) – GPS data would tell you within a few minutes when bus
is coming, via personal smart phones. People can use phone to call to find out location of
bus. This project is at the Beta test stage and Everett Transit is looking for volunteers to
use system from Feb to March 31, with a follow up via survey response.
Hope to get 300 responses. Voice and text messaging system. Federal funds are being
used to set up program, with some local match.
Comment from audience that schedules need to be on bus poles – Everett has the least
number of schedule signs proportionately to population. Matt responded that the ETA
project was grant funding specifically for this type of system.
February meeting: Wendy reported that Greg Campbell had spoken with and invited
Graham Kerr to present information on community building and his work on food access
and improving school food. The group decided to allocate 20-30 minutes including Q&A
for his February visit.
Monte Cristo 2014 – Staff have begun recruiting volunteers for this year’s
committee. Sign-up sheet was circulated. Wendy suggested the first meeting should be held
by mid-February if possible. Monte Cristo Volunteers: Dennis Dudder, Tom Norcott,
Elly Smith, Michael Trujillo, Andrea Tucker, GeorgaDee MacLeod, Roger Hoot

Comprehensive Plan Update – Dave Koenig described influence residents can
have on development and policy decisions by participating in comprehensive plan
process. Schedule is to be done in June, 2015. Community meetings will be held this
Polygon project design has been modified and will be on city website soon.
County Courthouse redevelopment proposal
EvCC master plan/WSU to be incorporated into plan
Saltchuck/Foss project still being discussed.
Comp Plan Ad Hoc Committee – No meeting has been held yet. Council reps
discussed options for holding committee meetings and reached the conclusion of
arranging to have the Planning Dept staff out to individual neighborhood meetings and
then Ad Hoc committee could help neighborhoods be better informed and do their work
with neighborhood input in mind.
Comp Plan Ad Hoc Committee Volunteers: Steve Bugge, Dean Smith,
George Lockeman, GeorgaDee MacLeod, Roger Hoot, Michael Trujillo, Tom
Norcott, Andrea Tucker, Dennis Dudder, Elly Smith, Sheri Lungstrom, JT Dray
Planning Commission meetings - Dave Koenig announced upcoming topics -
Feb 4
(Master Builders proposal for changing town house to single family lot
Feb 11
(Riverfront - Polygon) Feb 18
6:30pm at Council chambers, all future
meetings to be televised.
Social Practical – Mary Schoenfeldt, Everett Emergency Management,
introduced Bill Baumann, AmeriCorps volunteer. She also announced the next CERT
class, scheduled to start Wed nights, 6:30 – 9:30pm March 19 – May 7. Please pass the
word and recruit new volunteers in your neighborhood.
Communication Hubs: Thursday, Jan 30 at Evergreen Middle School, this training
session is about Hubs – the idea is to have a central place to come to share and receive
information, with neighbors after incidents or disasters. Different than a neighborhood
cache of emergency supplies, the Hubs will help neighbors to help neighbors.
Neighborhood Reports:
No reports were made given the lateness of the hour.
Victor – He is chairing the City’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC),
and is asking for input on transportation dollars use, such as Safe Route to School, needs
for sidewalk installation etc.
Top 5 Items to report:
Staff will be updating City Council on Budget on revenue increases and expense
reductions this week
Polygon is coming back to Feb 11
Planning Commission meeting, 6:30pm.
City Council will be moving to all night meetings
Everett Transit Update launching ETA – beta testing
NWSEED – launch heat pump project, need volunteers for outreach
Cert Class March 19-May 7
Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm. Next meeting on Feb 24, 2014
Minutes prepared by Wendy McClure