March 15, 2012
In attendance:
Pat Maher
Ryan Sass, Everett PW
Patrick Cullen
Shaun Smith
George Baxter, Transit
Garrik Hudson-Falcon
Victor Harris
Grace Kane, Everett PW
JT Dray
Bob Strickland
Corey Hart, Everett PW
Lauri Strauss
Tom Norcott
Jeffrey Marks, Everett PW
Ed Koltowoski
Todd Hooper
Kris Hausman
8:20 a.m. Shawn Smith called the meeting to order.
➢ Ryan introduced the newest Everett PW member, Corey Hert, an Associate Engineer in the
Traffic Division.
➢ M/S/P for February Meeting Minutes
➢ Requests for Agenda Additions were made – Another look at the NW Neighborhood traffic data
in order to discuss actions that can be taken to address excessive speed and neighborhood
concerns. Ed asked about information regarding bike exclusion zone limits in the CBD and
when California will be re-opened for 2-way traffic between Hoyt and Rucker.
Citizen’s Comments
➢ Garrick Hudson-Falcon expressed disappointment with the lack of progress regarding traffic
flow issues in his neighborhood around 14th street. He requested that an evening meeting be
set up to allow for more local residents to participate in the discussion, as these morning
meetings are inconvenient for the majority of the public to supply input. He felt that the
advisory board was lacking a human component to its traffic plans and relying too much on
written studies. Garrick expressed that the hospital has five times the floor area of Comcast
Arena. He said he believed it wasn’t a safe corridor for kids as traffic is impacted by hospital
staff and other parking problems. He cited a lack of speed limit signs in the area.
➢ Ryan said the committee could consider having an evening meeting, but suggested the board
might entertain the creation of a subcommittee made of a couple of board members who
could act as a liaison and attend a meeting with staff and the hospital area neighbors and
report back to the main TAC body.
➢ Victor suggested the subcommittee could attend a NW Neighborhood meeting. Garrick
expressed to keep the meeting out of the official Neighborhood meeting, due to other issues
that come up at the Neighborhood meetings.
➢ JT Dray discussed Everett Transit’s service being cut, the budget cuts, and routes that were
eliminated. He asked about the complete comp plan being published. George Baxter said that
it will be, but hasn’t been yet completed.

➢ Mr. Dray expressed interest in seeing Stephanie Lillie’s survey results.
➢ Mr. Dray had concerns about Route 9 being changed. Discussion ensued about the change
being an adjustment versus a reduction in service.
➢ Mr. Dray asked George about the dollar value of upcoming cuts. George explained the
monitoring of revenue for Transit, and that Transit hasn’t decided yet just how much money
will be addressed in the changes. Depending on trends will determine the outcome later in
the year, with a potential for $3 million in cuts.
Engineering Report
➢ Ryan informed the committee that the Traffic Engineer recruitment process is still ongoing. He
said it will take time to find the right candidate and is still looking through applications.
➢ Ryan spoke about the signal pole which had been knocked down on Evergreen Way near the
Boeing freeway at 79th Street. A garbage truck had hit the pole, which then fell down into 2
NB lanes of Evergreen Way on Tuesday, March 13. He mentioned the pole was a concrete
pole, which made it incredibly heavy, requiring a crane to move it. Our crews, in horrible
weather, replaced the fallen pole with a steel one through ingenuity. The new signal was up
by the next day, with help from Everett PD, the water department, and the welding shop. It is
likely that the hauler’s insurance will cover the cost of the repairs in accordance with the
accident report.
➢ Bob Strickland had questions regarding power outages last week between Rucker, Hoyt, and
Pacific. No reason was known.
➢ Ryan talked more about Dongho’s presentation last month regarding the neighborhood traffic
problems around 14th street and the hospital. He mentioned the hospital will work to notify
staff of their driving habits. He also mentioned a radar/speed feedback device will be placed
within the next couple weeks along 14th, along with asking Everett PD to evaluate assistance
with emphasis enforcement.
➢ Some discussion ensued about the pedestrian crossing flag program. Members are currently
trying to find a sponsoring agency as some of the local neighbors do not want to interface with
the official neighborhood association.
➢ Ryan continued to discuss the 14
th street/hospital traffic issues, recounting that the data
showed that the roadway access system around the hospital is working very well overall with a
couple of persistent problems; EB excessive speed on 14th and the 14th street neighbors being
unhappy with ambulance traffic. Signal pre-emption was discussed as a safety enhancement
already in place and that traffic engineering will continue to look at the ambulance approach
route concern, but admitted that it was a problem that cannot be readily solved to the
satisfaction of all.
➢ Broadway bridge replacement project is moving ahead, with ongoing coordination with the
BNSF railroad. Ryan mentioned public involvement in a few months regarding how to control
traffic during construction of the new bridge. Discussion ensued regarding the challenges of
the current bridge’s demolition. Ryan said we were looking at 2 years for construction using
typical means and methods, or 1 year if a full-closure approach is approved. Construction is
tentatively scheduled to begin in 2013.
Police Report
➢ No report was given.
➢ Some discussion occurred regarding police response in the 14
th street neighborhood appearing
lackluster or apathetic, citing previous complaints/calls to 911 about traffic concerns. Ryan
stated that using the data to inform a response strategy is the best way to coordinate with
Everett PD for emphasis enforcement.

Transit Report
➢ George talked about how Transit was looking at service changes for August and will be
interacting with the public to gather information on how best to administer these changes. He
said that this month Transit will be looking to get information from the public for options
surrounding the alterations, then in April/May looking at comments and putting together an
implementation plan for August. Transit will go back to the public in May, and then a hearing
with the City Council in June.
➢ George expanded on the need for public outreach for comments, citing the recession and the
increased costs of fuel as being the main culprits for why these service changes are being
considered. He said no lay-offs would occur due to the service changes. The plan was to
establish where revenues were at to figure out where to cut, utilizing public ideas where to
reduce service.
➢ George mentioned the elimination of some routes due to low ridership.
➢ Holiday services will also be examined, as they are very expensive and usually have reduced
ridership. George mentioned the reduction or elimination of some holiday service, such as
Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Years Day. Again, public opinion would be
➢ Also, there is a proposal for the elimination of Route 27 from Everett Mall to Murphy’s corner
due to low ridership. Route 79 between Everett and Naval Support in Smokey Point may also
be eliminated due to low ridership; Community Transit already services the area with a similar
➢ There is also a proposal to combine Routes 7 and 9. An increase of frequency along the route
would occur as a result of the merger.
➢ There is also some proposal of route changes, such as moving Route 7 off of the Broadway
bridge and onto Hewitt. Also some changes to Route 14, from the South Everett Park and
Ride to Boeing.
➢ George also expressed upcoming proposed changes to Paratransit, such as stopping service at
10:30 p.m. versus midnight, which would also be in accordance with fixed routes being
changed to the same hours.
➢ Operational issues are also dictating the amount of time transferring people between
Paratransit and CT’s Dart service. George said ET doesn’t necessarily need to stay with the
passenger waiting for Dart. The number of transfer trips has also dropped because of CT’s
201 downtown route.
➢ There will also be a $0.25 rate increase across the board, except for those taking Paratransit.
The raise is to help off-set the cost of rising fuel. Some discussion ensued regarding public
feedback and how it is handled by City Council and City Administration.
2011 Landslide Repair – Lowell/Larimar Rd Presentation
Grace Kane, City of Everett, showed everyone via PowerPoint slide projection the current state of
repairs going on at the Larimar Road partial closure due to landslide activity. Currently, the
degradation has turned the road into one-lane and the City has maintained the lane closure since last
August. She displayed a proposed solution, along with the challenges in meeting the design plan,
such as a biological assessment and issues with a property owner. No re-open date has been
projected due to these challenges.
Meeting adjourned at 9:50
Next Scheduled Meeting is Thursday April 19th, 2012