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The City of Everett Planning Commission has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at  6:30 pm, in the Hearing Room, 8th Floor of the Wall Street Building located at 2930 Wetmore Avenue.  The first agenda item is a workshop to review the draft report on infill measures to accommodate growth as part of the 2015 update to the Comprehensive Plan for the next 20 years (2015 – 2035). The report looks at existing Comprehensive Plan policies and implementation, reviews reasonable measures and looks at examples from other local governments, State and regional governments and other resources on how they are accommodating growth. Описание window washer у нас на сайте.

Planning Commission will also make a recommendation on the City's Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  Each year, the Six Year TIP is reviewed by the Planning Commission before going to City Council.  This Plan is developed for grant applications to the State and Federal government for a variety of transportation needs and projects. 

The public is invited to attend and comment. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Dave Koenig at (425) 257-8736 or at

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